Young Organizers United (Y.O.U.)

Young Organizers United (Y.O.U) is a group of high school aged youth from various backgrounds who are dedicated to strengthening multi-issue and multi-racial coalitions designed to overcome ethnic, and racial, mainly the racially disparate treatment in high schools.


Y.O.U. members believe the student voice is crucial in shaping and implementing policies that concern their education. Because they realize that learning occurs everywhere, they want to actively participate in making their education serve them well.

Y.O.U. embraces policies of inclusiveness to protect individuals against discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, disability, age, or other categorizations used to oppress one group for the benefit of another. Y.O.U. works to provide information, skills, and leadership training to help empower youth. Y.O.U.  also embraces student-centered learning (SCL), and works actively to promote SCL practices throughout the Manchester School District.

Y.O.U. members come together with open minds twice weekly to discuss what’s going on in their lives and community in a safe space. They work together to bring about positive changes in their schools and community.

Please join us during the school year for our weekly meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3 PM – 5 PM at the GSOP Office, 27 Lowell St. Any questions should be directed to the Youth & Education Organizers, Adol Mashut and Madeja Stewart.

2017 Young Organizers United’s Summer Program

The Y.O.U Summer Program is an intense eight-weeks experience featuring two cohorts of programming; the Advocacy Team and the Journalism Team.
Members of the Advocacy Team will learn the different processes of community and youth organizing while working on two Y.O.U. year-round campaigns: Student Representation within MSD Campaign, and the Office of Civil Rights Resolution Agreement Campaign.

The Journalism Cohort will allow members to discover the art of Digital Storytelling through hands on experience, leadership development, and self-exploration. The program will do this through a social justice, grassroots community organizing, and advocacy lens. Youth will develop their writing skills for digital and print media, learn and understand the roles and responsibilities of the news and media in the 21st century, build and manage their own portfolio, take and edit pictures, videos, and podcasts with professional equipment, and  experience different types of Journalism(e.g. Public Relations, Social Media, Photojournalism, Broadcast Journalism, Professional Newswriting, and Investigative Reporting.)


Each team will have 4 members, making a total of 8 youth members in the Y.O.U. Summer Program. All members will receive weekly stipends for travel & other expenses. Members from both teams will be invited to the Nellie Mae Youth Leadership Institute 2017 from August 7th – 9th.
WHEN- June 27th-August 14th
WHERE- 27 Lowell Street, 3rd Floor Granite State Organizing Project office