As the largest faith based, grassroots organizations in New Hampshire, the Granite State Organizing Project (GSOP), the United Valley Interfaith Project and the Monadnock Interfaith Project, call for an end to the senseless killing of our Black siblings, neighbors and loved ones by vigilantes, police and structural racism. We mourn every death and we commit to organizing our communities ourselves to make real and lasting change.

Today, we are disheartened and outraged by the needless brutality and death of George Floyd, and we uphold non-violent protest to witness to the injustice that Black and Brown people continue to live through in this country.

We are also keenly aware that oppression of Black and Brown people has been a part of our nation’s history since the very beginning. This oppression takes the form of low wages, lack of access to health care and education. It takes the form of poor housing conditions, food deserts and gentrification. It takes the form of walls at our borders, internment camps and deportations.

As faith-based organizations, we are committed to working in solidarity with people of all faiths, color, sexual orientation, gender identity, and ability to call out white supremacy that protects white privilege. We will work to dismantle the structural racism that infects our communities and keeps everyone from experiencing freedom. We know that if anyone is not free to live fully into their humanity, then none of us are free within our own humanity.

“I don’t care what religion you’re from, man, or where you’re at, man. I love you, and God love you, man. Put them guns down, man. That ain’t what it is, you know. God bless, man, and y’all holy out here, though, man.” George Floyd from a recording of Mr. Floyd speaking to two of his friends about his work mentoring young men.