The Manchester Chapter of the Granite State Organizing Project is a powerful force in our community.  We work together to address local economic and racial justice issues.

Chapter meetings are every second Tuesday of the month at 6 pm at the Manchester Unitarian Universalist Church (669 Union St) and newcomers are always welcome. You can call us at 603-668-8250 to learn more about our work and how to get involved.

Today and Forward

The Manchester chapter of GSOP continues its efforts to invite more people of faith along with their faith communities to work with us in bringing about positive changes in our city. This work includes:

• supporting immigrant and refugees’ rights through attending vigils and meeting with elected officials to advocate for policies that keep families together.

• advancing youth voice in the local school system.

• addressing substandard housing, code enforcement issues, and tenants’ rights.

• organizing tenants’ councils in public housing.

• working to increase access to affordable, quality healthcare and childcare.

• working for low-wage workers’ rights.

• organizing to raise the state minimum wage for all.

• and we encourage people to share their stories of what it is like to raise a family on minimum wage in a city with average rents of $1,000+ for a two bedroom apartment.


Since our creation in 2002 our chapter has:

• worked to create a Manchester Housing Commission on the issue of absentee and scofflaw landlords, successfully testifying and presenting recommendations to the board of mayor and alderman about holding landlords accountable.

• protested the title loan companies’ practice of providing short team loans to people at incredibly high interest rates – up to 300% – in exchange for the titles to their cars. This practice takes unfair advantage of citizens living in poverty.

• brought the Fight for 15 campaign to New Hampshire, working to bring the state minimum wage up from $7.25. This included monthly protests in support of livable wages outside fast food restaurants whose pay keeps their employees in poverty.

• educated people about the importance of voting. Manchester residents were reached through forums and door to door canvassing.

• facilitated meetings between the police and youth of color.

• brought the faith community out to support a peaceful Black Lives Matter march.



27 Lowell St., 3rd floor
Manchester, NH 03104
(603) 668-8250



383 Beech Street
Manchester, NH 03103