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nashua-forum-1It is important to realize that the Nashua Chapter is part of a major shift in social awareness in the city of Nashua. Positive changes have been happening in our community and in our City and the Nashua Chapter is proud to have contributed to many of these efforts.

The Nashua Chapter has been represented faithfully at the Executive Council of GSOP. Margaret, Sharon, and Martha represent the diversity of the community in moving GSOP forward in being a spokesperson for programs that are effective. Our chapter has benefited by the strong presence of Main Street United Methodist Church, the Adult Learning Center, First Church, the Unitarian Universalist Congregation, and the Greater Nashua Interfaith Council. Individual members have been present and influential in the work of Harbor Homes and spoke in favor of Nashua becoming a Welcoming Community. Several members were present at a vigil supporting the Islamic community where rocks were thrown at their place of worship.

nashua-forumMembers of the Chapter have been thankful and impressed by the leadership of Sarah Jane, and Viola Katusiime who has contributed her skills in fostering a voice for people who have housing issues and developing leadership through canvas training. Ellen Barr introduced a PICO program called 100% Voter Congregations seeking the support of getting out the vote in the important presidential and state elections scheduled for November. Margaret has organized monthly demonstrations supporting a higher minimum wage. This year the chapter invited local candidates for office to gather at the Adult Learning Center to hear the stories of individuals who struggle financially and socially in the current economy.

A clear statement of who we are is found in a document titled: “What Does a Moral Economy Look Like?” The document is attached and should serve as a clear guide to what the Nashua GSOP seeks to accomplish in the years ahead.

Over the past year, the Nashua Chapter has grown more focused, more engaging, and more deeply committed to being an agent of change that reflects the need to engage the community in assuring all its members are given their rights and have a voice at the table where community decisions are made.

Join our Nashua Chapter on the third Monday of every month at 6 pm at the Nashua Adult learning Center.

Meetings include congregation members, students of the Adult Learning Center, local service agencies and more.

In 2017 concerns include fighting for the rights of low wage workers and to raise the minimum wage, addressing housing issues and welcoming new immigrants to our community.


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