Grassroots Ambassadors

Grassroots Ambassadors

The Granite State Organizing Project elevates the issues and needs of our seniors in New Hampshire through the voices of Grassroots Ambassadors. The Ambassadors believe that all seniors should retire and live in dignity and thus are vocal on issues of Medicare, Social Security for families and the elderly.

Every year, the Grassroots Ambassadors meet with elected representatives or their staff at least twice, they participate in the fourth of July Amherst Parade, they write letters to the editor about the need to expand social security, they hold celebrations for Social Security and Medicare anniversaries.

At the meetings with our elected Senators and Congregational Representatives, they push them to support;

  1. Social Security Expansion bills that would lift the cap on taxable income for those making $ 118,500 a year to contribute their fair share.
  2. Seniors And Veterans Emergency Benefits Act or the SAVE Benefits Act that would give a cost of living adjustment to seniors, veterans and millions of Americans in 2016.
  3. Caregiver Credit Act that would recognize and compensate persons that lose their social security credits as a result of taking time out of their work life to care for a family member, child or spouse.

This year, we are proud to say that the Grassroots Ambassadors team actively engaged Presidential Candidates and Congregational candidates to take a stand on Social Security and Medicare issues.

Grassroots Ambassadors helped in shaping and putting together a conference on Building a Caring Economy that Works for New Hampshire Families. The workshop on retirement security and caring for elders created a space for New Hampshire families, elected officials to come together and share concerns and ideas that would ensure that our seniors live a dignified life.

There are several ways you can get involved to support this campaign. You can share your story about social security on, write a letter to the editor or join us at our monthly meetings. The Grassroots team meets every third Tuesday of the month at 6 pm at the Manchester Unitarian Universalist Church on 669 Union Street.

Interested in a unique volunteer experience?

Concerned about your future and a secure retirement?

Become a Grassroots Ambassador!!!

What are Grassroots Ambassadors?

Grassroots Ambassadors are volunteer community leaders committed to taking part in the democratic process and to educating the public on the importance of protecting and strengthening Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Grassroots Ambassadors will work with their grassroots organization to develop their own work plans, identify the strengths and skills they wish to develop further, participate in local meetings and trainings, and attend regional trainings and coordinated activities.

Work plans can include: face to face outreach, small group meetings, presentations, writing letters to the editor, online outreach, visiting with members of Congress, bird dogging candidates and more!

Small volunteer stipend available to cover travel and incidental expenses.

Apply by calling Viola Katusiime at 603-668-8250

Check it out at and on Facebook at Retirement Security campaign – CCC and field partners.